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Founded by Creative Director Dionne Akom, Soraya Mèliane is a luxury fashion brand for you, the modern sophisticated woman.

Soraya Mèliane reimagines   artisanal African techniques and incorporates them into modern silhouettes. So you can discover your unique style through   intricate details , a medley of color and culture, and a fit that  flatters and empowers you.  

  At Soraya Mèliane you'll find unique handmade clothing and statement   pieces made with love  in Africa, ensuring you will be  the center of attention and stand out from any crowd. We work with local artisanal communities that specialize in various traditional craftsmanship techniques including  hand batik, kente weaving, adire and more, so you can rely on us to bring a unique aesthetic to your closet.

Our essence is female empowerment, creating jobs and supporting education of women and girls, and skills training.

At Soraya Mèliane, our mission is to build a creative brand that also has a purpose for change. Each piece tells a  story, inviting you to be part of our African culture and heritage.  


We have a mission to empower and employ women, and also have a commitment to give back to the women and girls of Africa.

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